551st Light Maintenance Company

Blackhorse Base Camp, Long Giao, and Xuan Loc in Vietnam

Building a better 551st site...

I am in the process of trying to improve this United States Army unit web site. I need your help. There is so little to be found around the web about the 551st Light Maintenance Company during the Vietnam Era that I am seeking any information, personal stories, photos, documents and any other relevant items or suggestions to add and share.

The site has laid dormant for far too long. Many documents that were considered classifed during the Vietnam War have been declassified now and are now available. All of the items that I have located can be found on our documents page. A contact form has been added to the menu. Please, if you have anything that I can add to the site, or any suggestions, use the contact form to let me know. Your help will make this the site that it was intended to be from the start. Thank You.

Items we could use...

  • Morning Reports

  • Rosters for any period

  • Unit history

  • More photos (scan and send them to me or I can set up your own upload account to our photo gallery. If you need to send hard copies, I will scan and return the originals to you)

  • Audio tapes (converted to digital format)

  • Home movies (converted to digital format)

  • Links that you think that could be generally useful to any Veteran

  • After action reports that are relevant to any members of the 551st

  • Personal recollections that you would be willing to share. Remember, it's your site, not mine

  • Anything else that you think would be of interest.

Yes, we were there...

A few years ago I embarked on a journey to find out what my husband experienced while he was in the army in Vietnam. That search took me to the web but the information I found was sparse. I posted messages on military forums on all the 11th ACR (the 551st Light Maintenance Company was attached to the 11th ACR) sites I could find and got several emails in response. The common thread in these emails was "I don't remember the 551st being there" or at best "I only vaguely remember the 551st being there". This angered my husband and it angered me.

Put simply, my husband is my HERO. It is my intention that this site be a tribute to him and all members of the 551st. I know you were there. I know the sacrifices you made. I know the honor you deserve.

The purpose of this site is to give Vietnam Veterans who served in the 551st Light Maintenance Company at Blackhorse base camp a place to reconnect and share information, pictures, comments, and stories related to their experiences. It is not my site, it belongs to the 551st and is for you to make of it what you wish.